The Saudi Osteoporosis Society announced the 2011 academic calendar. This year activities will contain many workshops, presentations and club meetings in various regions of the Saudi Arabia.
The workshops will be conducted in Riyadh (designed for family medicine practitioners in few lectures/case presentations format). Dammam will host another workshop in collaboration with National Guard Health Affairs- Eastern Region. Osteostrong workshop will be conducted in AL Madina AL MONAWARA.
Club activities will cover Riyadh, Jeddah, Tabouk, Aseer and AL KAFgi.
The 1st International Osteoporosis Symposium for the Society will be conducted on the 6 – 8 March 2012 (not shown in the schedule). Four international authorities will be invited.
This is invitation to join us in our various activities designed to prevent,early diagnose and  advance care of our osteoporosis patients.

Date Activity Venue Coordinator Chairman Speaker Speaker Remarks
1 08/12/2010 NGH Jeddah/SOS Jeddah/ S. Aidarous ————— Group Miscllaneous Done
2 23/12/2010 Prince Meteb Chair/SOS Riyadh/ KSU Al Daghry/ Al Saleh N. Al Daghry Group Miscllaneous Done
3 24/01/2011 OC- Riyadh Riyadh/Marriot M. Al Shaker R. Sulimani M. Fouda IBD and Osteoporosis Done
4 31/01/2011 OC- Tabouk Tabouk A. Mukhtar Z. Zahrani/ A. Mukhtar Guidelines/ GIOP Done
5 28/02/2011 OC- Riyadh Riyadh/ Marriot M. Al Shaker H. Raef M. Al Shaker Osteoporosis and Diabetes
6 09-10/03/2011 Mini-Symposium Dubai/Movenpick Jumairah Y. Al Saleh ————— Group Miscllaneous
7 17/03/2011 Military Hospital southern/SOS Khamis Mushait Z. Khan ————— Group Miscllaneous
8 28/03/2011 OC- Riyadh TBA M. Al Shaker F. Al Jaser W. Sibaie Spine Osteoporosis
9 21/04/2011 NGH/FM- SOS Riyadh/Marriot Ateeq/ Al Saleh ————— Group Miscllaneous Conflict w school vacation
10 25/04/2011 OC- Riyadh Riyadh/Marriot M. Al Shaker H. Al Dohamy Y. Al Saleh Drug Therapy to prevent OP
11 25-28/04/2011 Alnoor H/SOS Makkah/Grand Coral S. Bajuaifer ————— Group Miscllaneous conflict w OC-Riyadh#7
12 12/05/2011 NGH/Eastern-SOS TBA Idressy/Al Saleh ————— Group Miscllaneous
13 23/05/2011 OC- Riyadh TBA M. Al Shaker N. Al Johani S. Al Sharbiny Osteoporosis in CKD
14 29/05/2011 OC-Tabouk Tabouk A. Mukhtar ————— R. Sulimani/ F. Harthi Male OP/ BPO Debate
15 22/09/2011 OC- Assir TBA Z. Khan ————— TBA TBA
16 06/10/2011 BB- Al Madina Al Madina M. Al Shaker R. Sulimani Group Miscllaneous
17 30/10/2011 OC- Tabouk Tabouk A. Mukhtar ————— Y. Al Saleh/ M. Al Shaker B markers/ Case present.
18 17/11/2011 OC- Assir TBA Z. Khan ————— TBA TBA

Click here to download the sos-activities-schedule-2011 in excel format

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