Objectives of the Society

The Society aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • The progression and development of the scientific thinking in the specialties of the Society ( osteoporosis and related diseases).
  • Giving the opportunity for the members in the Society to contribute to the scientific development of its fields.
  • Enhancing exchange of scientific thinking in its field amongst different institutions and disciplines in the Kingdom and abroad.
  • To help establishing guidelines for the diagnosis and management of the common disorders related to the specialties of the society.
  • Participation in Public Health Education in problems and diseases related to osteoporosis and related diseases.
  • Issuing booklets, letters, etc. for public health education.
  • Initiating, promoting and supporting programs related to the specialties of the society, Any of these programs can be run as a separate unit, under the supervision of the Society.
  • Cooperating with other societies and institutions in the Kingdom and abroad with similar activities.

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