Chairman’s Welcome Message


Dear colleagues,
On behalf of the Saudi Osteoporosis Society ( SOS) I would like to welcome you all to its official web site.
This web site is designed to be our common medium for interchanging our ideas, plans and hopes as well as to enhance our understanding, knowledge and to improve our practice and skills for the management of our osteoporotic patients.
Different practical and interesting links will be provided to serve our dear members and visitors. Emphasis will be on sharing our thoughts and ideas as well as to provide you with latest about osteoporosis.
We hope to provide sections for the general public in addition to the professional sites. All the different scientific and community service activities including conferences, workshops and courses will be announced and followed up on this site with briefings of the main contents and important news.
This is only our humble beginning. With time and with your advice support and cooperation this site will certainly continue to flourish and advance to be the Saudi Osteoporosis scientific and community service medium that all of us have dreamed about.

Prof. Riad A. Sulimani
President, Saudi Osteoporosis Society